The Pillow Every College Student Needs

Other than the pillows beings used to sleep on, there has to be pillows for decoration to complete the room. There are endless options when it comes to pillows, especially for college students. The pillows can range from body, accent, and even floor pillows. Below is the best pillow I found to help my room still look cute, while providing a comfortable place to do school work.

A backrest pillow, especially this one from Therapedic has been a must during this school year. This pillow is a great way to make your room cozy while still adding a bit of personal flair to your decor.  Whether you’re using it to study, to get cozy and watch Netflix after a long day of class, the back rest pillow allows for so many uses.

How I styled my Therapedic Backrest Pillow

The backrest pillow has been a life saver when it comes to studying and cramming work into all one night because it allows you to read, study, or work on projects from anywhere you want. Studying in bed becomes perfectly do-able. They all become perfectly cozy and comfortable places to get schoolwork done when you invest in a backrest pillow.

It is supportive of the back and neck all while providing maximum comfort with its cotton and polyester materials. When not being used for studying or homework, this pillow looks great when sitting on a made bed. The one I linked above comes in Grey, Taupe, or Navy making it easy to tie together any room.

For your dorm room or even college apartment, do not forget about these pillow!  This pillow is a must for helping you knock out some homework from your bed or to make your room a little brighter, this pillow is a must! 

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