Styling Princess Polly’s Winter Collection

Princess Polly has been one of my favorite places to shop since I was in High School. I genuinely love all of their pieces and was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with Princess Polly this month! They seriously always have the most trendy pieces and this month I chose a combination of loungewear as well as some statement pieces. For this collaboration, I was given a discount code “WEBB” that you can use for 20% off your purchase. I also posted a mini try-on haul to my Instagram stories, which is now labeled as “Princess Polly” in my highlights. Along with that, I have posted a more in depth youtube video describing all the pieces as well as showing you different ways to style them!

If you know me, you know that I am always wearing neutrals. My go-to colors are White, Black, and Nude. When I saw this two piece, I knew I had to get it. I didn’t know where or when I’d where it, but it had to be in my closet. I have been into flare pants lately and to style it with a little bra top, I thought it was the cutest combo. With that being said, this set also gave me a Harry Styles vibe, just making it another reason it had to be in my closet.

I have been living in loungewear, so I knew I had to have this set. It’s the perfect combination of comfy and cute. It also gives you the option of dressing this set up with booties and a cute jacket or dress it down for a night in with your friends. I saw it on the model and knew I needed this in my life and I have been living in it ever since!

The last piece I got I was OBSESSED with from the first moment I saw it. I have been big into leather anything lately and when I saw it was a blazer mini dress, it was ultimately giving me big New York City vibes. While they show it as a dress on the website, it could be styled as an oversized leather blazer which gives you more opportunities to wear this beautiful piece.

I hope this little haul from Princess Polly gave you some fashion inspiration or helped you pick out some pieces for the new season! If you want check out my Try-on Haul on youtube giving a more in depth review/look at all these pieces click on the link below!

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