My Morning Routine

Going into 2021 I’ve been working on curating the perfect morning routine! While it changes almost every day and I am still working on getting up earlier everyday, I have implemented some different tasks into my routine this year that have been a game changer. I have never been a morning person and while I am still working on becoming one, I actually can say I look forward to my mornings now!

Making my bed first thing

I’ve always heard the saying “make your bed everyday and you will have accomplished the first task of the day”. To be completely honest I have never been the person to make their bed in the morning. My thought is what is the point of making my bed if I’ll just be getting back into it later. Well, this year I finally gave in and started making my bed every morning. The little task in the morning sets my whole tone for the day and honestly keeps me from crawling back in my bed each morning.

If you don’t make your bed each morning, take it from me you will already feel so much more productive for the day!

Essential Oil Diffusor

Another product I have loved using every morning is my essential oil diffuser. After making my bed each morning, I move on to picking out which oil I am going to use (the hardest decision for sure!). Some of my favorites are Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, and Tea Tree.

It has been such a great way to start each morning!

Change into a comfy outfit

I have found that I am so much more productive for the day when I change out of my Pj’s first thing. Whether you are woking from home, attending lectures all day, or are wanting to get a workout in before you start the day, changing into the clothes for that occasion will help motivate you a little more to get it done!

Start a skin care routine

Some items that I believe are a must for my morning skin care!

These products help in keeping my skin clear, bright, and soft!

5. Enjoy your favorite morning drink (Of course mine is coffee)

My favorite way to enjoy my coffee lately has been by frothing a little bit of oat milk and creamer, then pouring cold brew over the top. It has been SO good! My recent go-to creamer has been the Oatmeal Cookie Creamer and let me tell you it took me months before finally finding it at Target.

Also since using a frother my coffee tasted like I got it from a coffee shop. Thank goodness for that because that means less Starbucks trips, and let me tell you I definitely needed to put a stop to my everyday Starbucks run!

If you want to see my full morning routine, head on over to my YouTube channel to watch my new video!

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