Back to School with Babble Boxx

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. I don’t know about you but back to school season means starting new goals, trying to form new habits, and of course picking out the cutest stationary (to help me stay productive!) for me! Babble Boxx was kind enough to send over some amazing products to help get meContinue reading “Back to School with Babble Boxx”

My Morning Routine

Going into 2021 I’ve been working on curating the perfect morning routine! While it changes almost every day and I am still working on getting up earlier everyday, I have implemented some different tasks into my routine this year that have been a game changer. I have never been a morning person and while IContinue reading “My Morning Routine”

Bartleby helping me get through distance learning

Since COVID began and all colleges went mainly online, partaking in distance learning has been a challenge for many individuals, including myself. Taking all my classes online or over Zoom has been a unique experience that we’ve all been adjusting to. With the help of Bartleby when I struggle on a specific subject or homeworkContinue reading “Bartleby helping me get through distance learning”

The Pillow Every College Student Needs

Other than the pillows beings used to sleep on, there has to be pillows for decoration to complete the room. There are endless options when it comes to pillows, especially for college students. The pillows can range from body, accent, and even floor pillows. Below is the best pillow I found to help my roomContinue reading “The Pillow Every College Student Needs”